02 septiembre 2010

"Matices de las Américas 2010"

Canvas Art for "Matices de las Americas 2010"

The international art exhibition "Matices de Las Americas 2010” (Shades of America 2010) gives a very warm welcome to the countries who share their history and culture. The participating countries are: Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala. México, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Perú, Spain, Ecuador, Panamá, Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ecuatorial Guinea, Belize, and the United States. This will be an unforgettable celebration of colors on canvas! The auction will begin at the opening ceremony on September 15, 2010 at 6:00pm, benefiting the Centro Cultural De La Raza. The bidding will be accepted during the month long exhibition, ending on October 15th, finishing off with the closing ceremony. We anticipate the art pieces to be taken home with their new owners. In addition the auction can be followed via Internet. Our vision has been to celebrate the bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico, the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, Hispanic Heritage Month, El Dia De La Raza and 40 years of the foundation of the Centro Cultural de La Raza. We appreciate the highly valued sponsorship of the General Consulate of Mexico in San Diego and Project Maac (Metropolitan Area Advisory on Anti-Poverty Committee).

P.S.: I wish I had a better camera, cause there are lots of details that can't be seen!!!